Mission of NCVETD

Mission of NCVETD is to increase efficiency of preliminary (artisan) and vocational education and training, including adult education system reforms, to foster its development, international integration, international recognition of awarded certificates and qualifications in the Republic of Armenia.



  1. NCVETD supports developing VET strategy and policy, medium- and long-term development programs and action plans for the development of VET system, organizing and implementing analyses of VET system; participates in the rationalization of VET system, including developing proposals concerning their creation, reorganization, liquidation, allocation and revision of activities.
  2. It insures communication between VET system and the labour market, promoting the consideration of labour market trends and needs in VET development programs, involvement of involvement representatives of industries into VET, increasing opportunities of students to gain practical inside on industries.
  3. It supports in developing National Qualifications Framework compatible with the European framework of qualifications, its implementation and continuous modernization.
  4. It organizes and carries out the development and continuous updating of qualification (educational) standards, provides professional expertise, advice.
  5. It organizes scientific and sociological research in VET system, investigates and localizes international experience in the VET sector.
  6. It supports the development and introduction of system of credit accumulation and transfer in the Republic of Armenia.



Training courses of “Table decoration”

Short term training courses of “Table decoration” were organized in Yerevan State Regional College N1. The courses were ordered by “State employment service” agency and were finished on February 25, 2015. Master cooks of the college


Europe Day Information Week

EU- funded projects are encouraged to get involved in the Europe Day Information Week (EDIW) 2015 activities by participating in the open air info fairs in Yerevan, Gyumri and Vanadzor.


Training courses in “Sevan” penitentiary

Kotayk Regional State College organized training courses on “Auto-locksmith”, “Restoration of home-gas equipment” in “Sevan” penitentiary. The trainings were organized with the assistance of “Support to convict” fund.